Edward Man (1782 – 1834)

Edward Man was born on 11 June 1782 in the parish of St Dunstan in the East, London, the elder son of James and Sarah (Roberts) Man, and was baptized twice, first on 23 June 1782 at St. Gabriel Fenchurch, London (record below) and, second on 16 July 1782 at St. Dunstan in the East, London.

Edward Man son of James and Sarah Baptism

He married Georgiana Desborough on 13 December 1806 at Allhallows Staining, London.

Edward and Georgiana’s marriage registry

Edward Man marriage 1807

Edward died on 1 February 1834 in Clapham, Surrey:

Dearh notice of Edward Man

Edward was buried on 8 February at St. Paul’s Chapel, Clapham.

Edward Man's Burial at Clapham

Edward Man’s Burial at Clapham

St. Paul's Chapel, Clapham Common

St. Paul’s Chapel, Clapham Common

Georgiana Desborough was born on 3 April 1788 in the parish of St. Gabriel Fenchurch, London, the eldest daughter of Henry and Louisa (Luther) Desborough, and was baptized on 5 May at St. Gabriel Fenchurch, London.

Georgiana Desborough Baptism

She died on 29 March at Clapham and was buried on 6 April 1836 at St Paul’s Chapel, Clapham.

Georgiana Man's Burial at Clapham

Georgiana Man’s Burial at Clapham

Edward and Georgiana belong to Generation Four; their children belong to Generation Five and are:

  2. Girl
  5. Boy

[References: Edward’s birth and first baptism – FHL Film # 0394830; his marriage – FHL Film # 05600020; his death – memorial at Holy Trinity, Clapham; copy of his burial record from film viewed at London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). Georgiana’s birth and baptism – FHL Film # 0394830; copy of records for her death and burial from film viewed at LMA.]

Notes: A notice of Edward’s marriage can be found in The Gentleman’s Magazine, Volume LXXVI (1808), page 1167 as follows: ‘Edward Man Esq. of Harp Lane, Tower Street to Georgiana, youngest daughter of Henry Desborough of the Post Office.’ Edward Man and Georgiana Desborough were married by Thomas Frognall Dibdin, i.e. he was the officiating minister. Dibdin also officiated at Edward’s cousin Henry Man’s wedding. The Desborough and the Man families inter-married over several generations and a diagram illustrating these connections can be viewed here.

Edward joined the firm founded by his father in 1798. The company, which later became known as E. D. and F. Man, was then located in Harp Lane, London. He became a member of the Coopers company in 1804. He lived at St. Botolphs and Clapham. He died without leaving a will, he was only 52 when he died. E. D. and F Man has subsequently split into two companies: Man Group and which is a financial / hedge funds management company and E. D. and F Man which is a commodities trading company. The former is publicly traded on the London stock exchange while the latter is privately owned by its employees. Man Group sponsors the Man Booker book award prize.

Below is a picture of the interior of Holy Trinity, Clapham Common North Side. A monument to Edward Man and his wife Georgiana, and her father Henry Desborough and her mother Louisa, can be seen to the left of the pulpit and slightly to the left of the eagle facing the camera.

Holy Trinity Clapham Interior

Holy Trinity Clapham Memorial

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