Rita Constance Reis (1898 – 1971)

Rita Constance Reis was born in 1898 at Hammersmith, London, the daughter of Arthur Montagu and Lillian (Samuel) Reis. She married Godefridus Laurentius Gortmans on 1 June 1922 at Chelsea, London. Rita died on 12 April 1971 and was living at 57 Cranes Park Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, at the time of her death. Godefridus was born in 1894 and he died on 23 April 1956 at 29a Addison Road, London W14.

Rita and Godefridus belong to Reis Generation Three; their children belong to Reis Generation Four and are:

    1. Derek Peter
    2. Neville Alfred
    3. Dennis
    4. Carol Marie

NOTE: Godefridus was a world renowned draughts player and international champion, and can be found on various Dutch websites. He wrote a book ‘1001 miniaturen’ (see below). The Gortmans come from Holland. You can find him by entering G L Gortmans. In the 1920’s they were living at No. 61 Sinclair Road, Kensington. By clicking the image below you can go to a web site that has the full text.Gortmans book

Godefridus Gortmans Probate

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