Louis Gustave Schwabe (1867 – 1950)


Louis Gustave Schwabe, the son of Louis and Blanche (Hartwright) Schwabe, was born in 1867.

He married Evelyn (Effie) May on 21 February 1895 at St. Luke’s Church, Weaton. Gustav Wolff was a witness at his niece’s wedding.

Evelyn was the daughter of Thomas May and Ida Wolff.  She was born in Montreal, Canada.

Louis Gustave died on 28 July 1950 at The County Hotel, Malvern, Wiltshire. Effie also died at Malvern.  The child of Louis and Evelyn is:

Louis Gustav Schwabe Marriage

A letter written by Nellie Schwabe to Randolph Schwabe11th January, 1946: “Gustave, after vain attempts to get 10 Herbert Crescent repaired, has sold it and gone back to Malvern and hopes to get a flat or small house later on. It’s very hard on the poor old things when they have lived a set life in one spot for so many years” – Paper Mill House, Standon, Herts. [Nellie is the daughter of Robert Stephen Schwabe and Kini Myandera, Robert was Randolph’s uncle.]

Pocock, Effie Schwabe and Vera
Pocock, Effie Schwabe, and Vera
Gustav Schwabe and Effie May (1)Effie May Schwabe

On a visit to his Schwabe relatives at Herbert Crescent (near Hans Place Garden in London), Henry Man (then a young boy) recalls being given a plate at lunch on which there were some buttered peas. These he found extremely difficult to place on to his fork and so they would often roll off and back on to his plate. Each time, Gustav would roll his eyes to the ceiling.


Louis Gustave Schwabe 1901 Census

1901 Census

Louis Gustave Schwabe 1911 Census

1911 Census 


Louis Gustave Schwabe prbate
Effie May Schwabe Probate

Notes: He was painted by Harold Knight, R. A. (1874 – 1961) . A reference to LGS has been found in the Times of London in which he appears as a member of the Board of Directors of Belsize Motors. The article is dated Saturday 19 November 1910. 

10 Herbert Crescent where Louis Gustave and Effie (May) Schwabe lived