Brenda Reis (1913 – )

Brenda Reis was born on 13 November 1913, in Alexandria, Egypt, the daughter of Arthur Montagu and Fanny (Cruwys) Reis. She married Vivian Henry Hadkinson on 18 July 1935 at the British Consulate in Nice, France.

Vivian was the son of Robert Hadkinson (18401924) and Henrietta Von Lochner. He died in 1978.  

Brenda divorced Vivian Hadkinson and next married Hilton John Nicholas on 28 April 1951 at the Registry Office, Westminster, London. Brenda belong to Reis Generation Three.

Notes: On their marriage certificate Brenda and Vivian give their address as Cros de Cagnes, France. Arthur Montagu Reis is present as a witness and his profession is given as ‘independent means’. Vivian is described as a ‘manufacturer’. His father is Percival Hadkinson ‘mine owner’.

On the marriage certificate of Brenda and Hilton, his address is given as 16 Berkley Street and his profession as ‘company director’. Likewise his father, George Richard Nicholas, is a ‘company director’. Brenda’s address is 6 Pinewood Close, Iver Heath, Bucks.

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