Henry Man (1660 – ? )

Henry Man was born in 1660 in Hambleden and was baptized on 26 March 1660 at St. Mary the Virgin, Hambleden. The second son of George and Jane (Saunders) Man,

Henry and Jonas Man's baptisms

Henry Man married Frances Moody on 28 November 1682 at St. Mary the Virgin, Wargrave, Berkshire.

Henry Man's marriage

So far, no burial record has been found in Wargrave for either Henry or Frances leading to the conclusion that they had moved to another parish before their deaths. A search is in progress to locate their burials.

Frances Moody was born in 1659 in Wargrave, Berkshire, the eldest daughter of John and Frances (Moody) Moody, and was baptized on 28 October 1659 at St Mary the Virgin, Wargrave.

Frances Moody's baptism

Henry and Frances belong to Man Generation Three; their children belong to Man Generation Four and are:

  1. ELIZABETH MAN, baptized on 15 February 1683/4 at St. Mary the Virgin, Wargrave, Berkshire. A burial record for an Elizabeth Man on 18 Dec 1727 at Wargrave has been found, but it is not clear whether it is for this Elizabeth or her aunt – Henry’s sister, Elizabeth;
  2. JOHN MAN, (1685 – 1750);
  3. HENRY MAN, baptized on 29 August 1687 at St Mary, Wargrave, and married MARY SMITH on 10 July 1713 at St Mary, Wargrave;
  4. GEORGE MAN, baptized on 18 November 1689 at St Mary, Wargrave;
  5. JONAS MAN, (TWIN) (1692 – 1762);
  6. WILLIAM MAN, (TWIN), baptized on 16 May 1692 at St Mary, Wargrave, and buried on 22 June of the same year;
  7. MARGERY MAN, baptized on 11 March 1694/5 at St Mary, Wargrave, and probably married a JOHN FINNIMORE on 5 October 1721 at Holy Trinity, Cookham, Berkshire;
  8. FRANCES MAN, baptized on 4 March 1696/7 at St Mary, Wargrave, (a burial record for a Frances Man on 23 March 1713 at Wargrave has been found, which is believed to be this Frances (as explained below in Note Two);
  9. THOMAS MAN, baptized on 15 October 1699 at St Mary, Wargrave; and
  10. ELLENORE MAN, baptized on 20 August 1701 at St Mary, Wargrave.

[Reference: Events at Wargrave – FHL Film # 1040709; marriage at Cookham – FHL Film # 0088236].

NOTE ONE:  The first names for the children, for the most part, are common names used at that time.  However, ‘Ellenore’ is not common and she was probably named after her mother’s sister.  ‘Jonas’ is also uncommon for that time, but Henry Man of Hambleden had a brother named Jonas, who died shortly after birth, and a grandfather named Jonas. Since a baptismal record has not been found for a Henry Man in Wargrave (nor any other Man earlier than the ones listed here), it is easy to conjecture that the Henry married at Wargrave was the Henry born in Hambleden (the parishes are adjacent though separated by the River Thames).

Perhaps the most crucial point in this conjecture is the names given to the twins, Jonas and William. Jonas is the name of Henry of Hambleden’s grandfather and William is the name of Frances’s grandfather.  Perhaps the twins were just fortuitously named Jonas and William, but this seems highly unlikely, particularly with the uncommon name of Jonas.  This would seem to establish a connection between the preceding generations and this one.

NOTE TWO:  The burial record for a Frances Man could have been for the mother or the daughter.  However, since it has been reasoned that mother Frances was living after 1729 [see Note Two on John Man (1685 – 1750) page], the burial for a Frances Man in 1710 would have to have been for the daughter.  In addition, since father Henry’s burial record has not been found in Wargrave, it is reasonable to assume that both Henry and wife Frances died in another parish.

[References: Event at Hambleden, Buckinghamshire – FHL Film # 1967097; events at Wargrave, Berkshire – FHL Film # 1040709.]

Note: The names of these ten children can ALL be found in earlier generations of either the Man or Moody families. The Man family name of John probably came from the Moody side. The parishes of Hambleden and Wargrave, though in different shires (counties), lie adjacent to one another on either side of the River Thames.


(all events at Wargrave unless otherwise stated)

William Moody, bap. 24 Feb 1588/9 at St Giles, Reading, Berks (guess); bur. 21 may 1674 at St Mary the Virgin, Wargrave, Berks.

Mar. Marye (Unknown) abt 1612.
Marye, bap. 16 Apr 1615 at Wargrave
Mar. Sybill Davis on 12 Oct 1617.
William, bap 18 Aug 1618.

Mar. Jane Benard on 3 Jun 1621; Jane bur. 29 Jul 1622.
Nicholas, bap. 29 Jul 1622; bur. 23 Nov 1623.

Mar. Elizabeth Mylam on 8 Sep 1623; Elizabeth bur. 10 Jan 1626/7.
William, bap. 27 Jun 1624.
Margery, bap. 26 Oct 1626; bur. 3 Nov 1626.

Mar. Joan Kony on 9 Apr 1626; Joan bur. 19 Jul 1685.
Mary, bap. 4 May 1628; bur. 20 Jan 1629/30
Margery, bap. 29 Jan 1629/30.
John, bap. 9 Dec 1632; mar. Frances Moody on 27 Mar
1658; bur. 3 Apr 1682; Frances bur. 31 Jul 1715.

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