James Nisbet Man (1823 – 1842 ) & Elizabeth Sophia Man ( 1825 – 1891)

The two children of James and Francis (Holmes) Man are:

  1. JAMES NISBET MAN, baptized on 5 September 1823 at St. Mary-at-Lambeth, Lambeth, Surrey. 
James Nisbet Man's Baptism at St Mary-at-Lambeth

James Nisbet Man’s Baptism at St Mary-at-Lambeth

  1. ELIZABETH SOPHIA MAN, baptized on 14 January 1825 at St. Mary-at-Lambeth
Elizabeth Sophia Man Baptism

Elizabeth Sophia Man’s Baptism at St.Mary-at-Lambeth

James Nisbet Man appears not to have married.

In the British Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737-1969 (page 91 of 95), it mentions that a James N. Man is appointed a Sorter in the Inland Department of the General Post Office dated 1838.

James N Man 27 Dec 1838James N Man appointment at Post Office

James’s sister, Sophia Elizabeth Man, appears on various censuses (see below). She died on 20 May 1895 while living at 188 Stockwell Road, Brixton, Surrey which is where she was residing on the 1891 census.

Elizabeth Sophia Man's Probate Record

Elizabeth Sophia Man’s Probate Record


Elizabeth Sophia has been found with her mother on the 1851 census, the 1861 census and the 1871 census.  On the 1881 census Elizabeth Sophia is living with her ‘cousin’ Elizabeth (Garrard) Man, 15, Alderbert Terrace, Lambeth in Surrey. This Elizabeth is the widow of Henry Garnet Man son of Peter Bruels Man. Elizabeth Sophia also appears on the 1891 census.

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