Stephan Samuel Schwabe (1803 – 1878)

Stephan Samuel Schwabe

Stephan Samuel Schwabe

Stephan Samuel Schwabe was born in 1803, the son of Sampson Benjamin Schwabe.

He married Eliza Sykes on 18 February 1833 at Manchester.

Stephan died in 1878 aged 75 years. Eliza was born in 1817 in London. The children of Stephan and Eliza are:

  2. MARIA AMELIA (died unmarried)
  3. ADELHEID LOUISA (died unmarried)
  4. THOMAS BENJAMIN (emigrated to Australia)
  7. EMMA died 17 September 1845 aged 8 months.
  9. CHARLES MORITZ (died unmarried)
  10. HENRY (MERRILY) MORITZ (emigrated to Canada and married Amelia Sykes on 12 May 1880)
  11. HELENA ALBERTA (died unmarried)
  12. HERBERT (emigrated to Australia)
  13. ERNEST EDGAR (died unmarried. Death registered in the Salford district, Sept quarter 1878 buried 7 August 1878 age 23 at Ardwick Cemetery, Manchester)
  14. LAWRENCE (married Octavia Ermen: see Randolph Schwabe)

Note that three of the above (Frederica, Lawrence, and Edward) married an Ermen and these relationships can be found on the Ermen Family page.

Like his brother Louis, Stephan was an inventor and he patented a process of making sulphate of soda:

Stephan Schwabe Patenet 1854

Stephan Schwabe Patent June 1 1854

Stephan’s family appears on the 1851 census (two pages) at Moss Side, Manchester living at 133 Birch Road, Egerton Terrace. According to the 1848 -1853 rate books this property was rented from a Mr. John Pearson.  On the census Stephan, Eliza (33), Frederica (16), Maria (14), Adelheid (13), Thomas (11), Robert (9), Walter (7), Edward (4), Charles, Henry, and Sarah Sykes the sister of Eliza (Sykes) Schwabe:

Stephan Schwabe 1851 censusStephan Schwabe 1851 census 2

Stephan and family on the 1861 census are living at 8 Hyde Road, Manchester he is 58, Eliza his wife is 43 then their chidden: Adelheid (22), Walter (18) (A commercial Clark), Edward (14), Charles (12), Henry (11), Helena (9) , Herbert (7), Ernest (5), and Lawrence (4):

Stephan Schwabe 1861 census1Stephan Schwabw 1861 census2

On the 1871 census the household is somewhat reduced. Stephan (68) is now ‘retired from business’, wife Eliza (54), the children are: Adelheid (33), Charles (23), Helena (19), Herbert (17), Ernest (15) and Lawrence (14):

Stephan Schwabe 1871 census

Stephan died on 26 February 1878 at Tudor Place, Broughton and was buried on 2 March  at Ardwick Cemetery, Manchester. The family grave is recorded as No,1622 .Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.19.25 PM

His probate record:

Stephan Schwabe Probate

On the 1881 census Eliza is a widow and the ‘children’ with her are Maria (45), Adelheid (43), Charles (a cotton merchant) (32), Helena (29) and Herbert a bank clerk (27). Eliza Schwabe 1881 census

Eliza Schwabe Proabte

Now without their mother, the remnants of the family can be found on the 1891 census:
Schwabe on the 1891 census

Four of the above ‘children’ appear on the 1901 census as resident together at Ashton-upon-Mersey in the county of Chester. They are all single and are: Maria (aged 64), Adelheid (aged 63), Charles (aged 52), and Helena (aged 49).Adelheid Schwabe and Family on 1901 Census

By the time 1911 rolls around just three ‘children’ are left: Adelheid, Helena and Charles, along with a niece Clara Ethel Miyadara Schwabe, the daughter of Robert Schwabe and his Japanese wife.

Adelheid Schwabe and family on 1911 census
Three of Stephan and Eliza’s sons: Thomas, Walter, and Herbert emigrated to Australia and there are living descendants of these Walter and Herbert’s. Later on, some of these descendants emigrated to Canada.

Thomas was born on 22 October 1839. His baptism at Manchester Cathedral is below:Thomas Benjamin Schwabe Baptism

Thomas appears not to have married. His death notice appeared in a local Australian newspaper as well as the Manchester Courier as indicated below:

Death of Thomas Benjamin Schwabe Apr 9 1884 Manchester Courier

Manchester Courier 9 April 1884

Death of Thomas Benjamin Schwabe in Queensland

Queensland, Australia

A patent application of Thomas’sThomas Benjamin Schwabe Australian Patent SOME PROBATE RECORDS
Adelheid Laura Schwabe ProbateHelena Alberta Schwabe Probate

Maria Amelia died on 7 February 1909. Her death notice appeared in the Manchester Guardian:Maria Amelia Schwabe Death Notice Feb 10 1909

Her probate record is below:

Maria Amelia Schwabe Probate