Harry George Percy Garnet Man (1874-1939)

Harry George Percy Garnet Man was born on 10 April 1874 at Jounpore in the Presidency of Bengal, India, the son of George Octavius and Mary (Bradford) Man.

Harry George Percy Garnet Man baptism

At the end of the war on 18 March 1918 at Holy Trinity, Formby, Lancashire, Harry married Rosa Littlar (sometimes Littler or Litlar):

Harry George Percy Man Marriage

During World War One or perhaps soon after he must have joined the RAF reserve in some capacity as the form below indicates. He was then discharged from the RAF in 1920.

Harry George Percy Garnet Man service record

Harry  died on 8 September 1939 at Ravendean, Ravens Road, Shoreham in Sussex. Percy belongs to Man Generation Nine.

Harry George Percy Man Ptobate

London Gazette 15 March 1940

London Gazette 15 March 1940

His widow Rosa lived many more years dying aged 84 on 21 February 1973:Rosa Man Probate Record

Notes: We do not know if there are any descendants of Percy’s. His probate record mentions no family. In William Lionel Man’s “Dairy”, a note book consisting of newspaper cuttings and addresses, mostly family related and dated around 1900 – 1901, there are a few address entries for Percy Man as follows:

Trebena House
Willesden Green
London 13

Cornwall Mansions
Clarence Gate
Regents Park

The Bungalow
22 Rue de Panna

The above has been crossed out and underneath is:

London and Brazilian Bank
Rio de Janeiro