George Moritz Otto Wolff


Ida Strube

We know little about George Moritz Otto Wolff except that he married Ida Strübe with whom he had a son Gustav Otto Wolff. Ida must have died young as George married Meta Fredrich on 19 October 1897.

The picture left has written on the back ‘Ida Strübe’ and so is the wife of George M. Otto and the mother of Gustav. It remains a mystery who the Strübes are, but on one of Nora Man’s family tree she clearly shows siblings of Ida Strübe’s namely: Carl, Adele, and Dora and some others that I cannot make out. To return to the Wolff Family page click here.

The two images below could be of George Moritz Otto Wolff and his daughters Gertrude (Trude) and Clärchen (Clara).  The pictures were taken in 1905.

1905 Otto Wolff's two daughters edited11905 Otto Wolff and his Two Daughters edited1