Jonas Man (1596 – 1661/62)

Jonas Man was born in 1596 at Hambleden, Buckinghamshire. He married Elizabeth Costerd on 24 April 1625 at St Mary the Virgin, Hambleden. Jonas was buried on 4 March 1661/62 at St Mary the Virgin, Hambleden. No baptismal record has been found for Elizabeth; she was buried on 1 July 1664, also at St Mary (see records below).

Jonas and Elizabeth belong to Man Generation One; their children belong to Man Generation Two and are:

  1. THOMAS MAN, baptized on 26 October 1628 at St. Mary the Virgin, Hambleden and buried on 19 July 1649 at St Mary the Virgin (there is no record of him being married);
  2. GEORGE MAN (1630 or 1631- 1664); and
  3. ELIZABETH MAN (1634 – 1668)

At this time Jonas’s parents are unknown since his baptismal record does not give the name of his father (the name of the mother was not customarily given in those days); thus his siblings are unknown too.

Jonas Man's Baptismal Record 1596

Jonas Man’s Baptismal record,1596

Jonas Man's Burial Record

Jonas Man’s Burial Record

Though the parish records for Hambleden start in 1566, a marriage record that could be construed as being that of Jonas’s parents has not been found. A search of records in the parishes surrounding Hambleden is in progress. For details on Ed Man’s search for the baptism of Jonas Man click here.

Elizabeth (Costerd) Man’s burial record below also indicates that she died a few days after her son George and a few days before her daughter in law Jane (Saunders) Man. Given that the Great Plague of London struck around this time and three members of the same family all died within days of each other would suggest that Elizabeth, George, and Jane died of the plague. Their living in the country though might suggest otherwise, but even country folk were victims.

Elizabeth Man burial

Elizabeth (Costerd) Man’s Burial Record

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