Maxton Family

Joseph Craddock’s father-in-law Anthony Maxton was: “… prebendary of the eighth stall at Durham, to which he was collated May 23, 1633. A Scotchman by birth, and recommended to Bishop Morton by Charles I Deacon, 1608, priest, 1609. Collated to Wolsingham rectory, June 21, 1614 : Middleton-in-Teesdale, July 10, 1619. Died about 1641, and was interred at Wolsingham. Left no son. Married his youngest daughter to Bowes of Streatlam; another to Sir Joseph Cradock; and another to Thomas Featherstone of Stanhope.  See Hutchinson, Hist Durham, ii. 201-202.


1651. Nov. 18. Richd. Turbutt of Bradbury, co. Durham, petitions the Cou. Com. stating that Thos. Lambe of Coxhoe and Francis Salvin of Whitechurch, became bound in 1639 to Anthony Maxton in 2087. for payment of 1047. in 6 months; that Maxton died a convicted delinquent, and his widow and administratrix threatened to sue upon the bond; that thereupon Hen. Jackson, servant to Maxton, and Thos. Lambe, on promise (which they will not now perform) to assign to petitioner a farm in Cornforth, procured him and John Chapman to enter into a bond for the said debt to Ann, dau. of Jos. Cradock, one of the administrators of Anthony Maxton; that upon this bond Cradock has sued petitioner and Chapman, and obtained judgment and execution against them in the name of his dau.; that their goods have been taken and Chapman has been arrested, although the debt was due to the Commonwealth by delinquency of the said Anthony, as neither he nor his administrators have ever compounded; and that, therefore, the bond ought to be paid by Lambe and Salvin who were first bound and whose bond is still nucancelled. Begs the Cou. Com. to calI it in and take the executions off his and Chapman’s estates, etc.— Referred to the C.C.
1651. Dec. 10. The C.C. order the sheriff to pay the debt to the Cou. Com. for the use of the State.
1652. Mar. 5. The Cou. Com. send to the C.C. a list of six persons whose estates have been sequestered and not discharged: among them are the administrators of Anthony Maxton.
1652. Mar. 17. The Cou. Com. report to the C.C. that the money in Turbutt’s case has been paid to Jos. Cradock’s attorney.