Adelina Clarinda Breslauer (1878 – 1953)

Adelina Clarinda Breslauer was born in 1878, the eldest child of Theresa (Reis) and Adolphus Breslauer. She married Herbert Joseph Hands on 7 April 1900  at Holy Trinity, Brompton.  Adelina died in 1953 at Stanmore, Middlesex. Herbert Hands was born in 1877.

Adelina Breslauer Marriage to Hands

Adelina and Herbert belong to Reis Generation Three; their children belong to Reis Generation Four and are:

  1. Reginald (or Richard) Thomas Larter
  2. Cedric Herbert Beresford Hands
  3. Norman Stanley Hands was born on 14 July 1904 and died in Feb 1989 at Watford, Hertfordshire. [He authored Old Cranleighan Lodge, no.4680: A history of the Lodge’s first fifty years]

NOTE: This page also contains information on the Hands family. The probate entry for Adelina Clarinda is as follows; Hands – Adelinda Clarinda. Below, Herbert Joseph Hands’ probate record:

Herbert Joseph Hands Probate

Herbert was the son of Thomas Larter Hands and Mary Young Hulls. They were married in 1868 at Ware in Hertfordshire.

The 1891 Census showing Thomas L Hands (born in Jamaica) and son Herbert (J.) Hands (born Clapton) aged 14 years.:Thomas Larter Hands on 1891 census

Below, the probate record for Thomas Larter Hands:

Thomas Larter Hands Probate

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