Katherine Holberton Man (1907-1986)

Katherine Holberton Man was born on 13 February 1907 the daughter of Hubert William and Beryl (Holberton) Man.

Katherine married Major General Basil Douglas Jones on 3 January 1932. Katherine died on 12 January 1986.

Basil was born on 14 May 1903 at Horrabridge, in Devon and died on 15 October 1992. His obituary that appeared in The Times on 30 October can be read HERE ( in PDF).

Katherine and Basil belong to Generation Seven; two of their three children are living but one, Penny is not, and all belong to Generation Eight.

Katherine was known to the close family as ‘Blue’, whilst her twin sister, Alison was known as ‘Pink’

In 1959 their daughter Alison Averil Jones married John Michael Henry Shewell.